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Power Cords shipping with products

Currently, Cisco Meraki includes US power cords in the box with all of their MX and MS products. Unfortunately, this leads to a great deal of waste and a poor out-of-box experience for customers in other regions. To correct this, an AC power cord (MA-PWR-CORD-US) will no longer be included with all MX and MS models, as of May 1, 2017.

However, for USA delivered orders - while the power cord is no longer included in the box, we will automatically add it without charge to every MX or MS product that doesn’t have 1 or more cords associated with the order. 

Please note, if you add a cord to the order, we will honor and ship the quantity requested and you will be billed.  For instance, if the order has 50 switches, and no power cords are detected on the order in our system, we will automatically add 50 cords without charge.  However, if the order has 50 switches and only 1 power cord, we will only ship the 1 power cord that is selected and the cost of the cord will be added to the bill.

Please note, MS Switches with support for removable power supplies will continue to ship with one power supply (PSU) included. MX64 and MX65 units will include power adapters, without the AC power cord. The cord should be ordered using the part number listed above.