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USA Cisco Meraki Buying Guide

We often find customers are confused when it comes to how to purchase Cisco Meraki hardware and licences in the USA so hopefully this article serves to set the record straight!

Cisco Meraki has a unique distribution model worldwide due to the fact the hardware and licences are assigned to the particular end user that acquires the product.  They haven't quite worked out how to let worldwide distributors look after the assignment of serial numbers and licence codes, and keep track of it all -  so prefer to do this themselves in California still.

This means that ALL products are shipped from California directly to you the end user customer on an order by order basis.  There is NO STOCK held by any reseller in the USA - despite what you might read on our competitor's web sites. This is of course unless its second hand or refurbished stock (and that doesn't qualify for Cisco Meraki's lifetime replacement warranty even if you have licensed it).

It's simply not possible to get your hands on a Meraki product within a day or two in the USA -unless you live in California and even then its a big ask as it typically takes Meraki 24-48 hours to process an order.

All hardware products ship via UPS ground by default to you at no extra cost, or by Fedex (which we use for overnight or 2 day shipping) which incurs a charge. 

We often see our competitors offering a better price if you contact them first - we are no different in that we have access to Cisco Meraki's OIP large deal registration program where if an order is over $5000 USD RRP we can apply for some special pricing on your behalf.

Meraki only award this to the partner that brings the deal to them and who has offered some expertise along the way - its a way of thanking the channel by rewarding them with a little extra margin (which helps in this ultra competitive online landscape!).  Please reach out to us and we will pass this discount on to you if we can obtain it.

License renewals are easy to order on our web store and can be turned around within 24-48 hours. To begin, go to your Dashboard and look under Organization>License Info - this will give you the model and number of devices you have to order for.  See our License renewal page for more info here.

Remember the team at Cloudmanagedwifi are Meraki experts and this is the only networking hardware vendor we work with.  We turn around orders the same day we receive them (within minutes) and rarely experience a delay in order processing - we have the process of getting an order to ship quickly down pat.

So in summary :




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