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The Value in Total Cost of Ownership

August 16, 2017

Total cost of ownership (TCO) isn’t a complicated concept. Simply put, it’s the sum of the upfront cost of a product or service and the direct and indirect costs incurred during its lifetime. Nevertheless, many buyers considering an IT infrastructure upgrade can fall into a pattern of using upfront cost as their key criteria. Not only does this inadvertently neglect potential products or solutions that may be much better suited, but in the long run may actually end up costing a lot more. For most organizations there are usually multiple stakeholders involved in the IT purchasing process with the number increasing with company size. Our first touch point with customers tends to be with the IT folks. Testing out Meraki first-hand, we’re...

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End of Sale Announcement - MR62 Access Point

August 14, 2017

Cisco Meraki is announcing the upcoming end-of-sale for the following product. The MR62 Cloud Managed Wireless AP has been replaced with the functionally equivalent MR74 Cloud Managed AP. End-of-Sale Model  Replacement Model MR62-HW MR74-HW They expect to be accepting final orders for these products through November 15, 2017. However, the final date will depend on the availability of stock and, at Cisco Meraki's discretion, the actual end-of-sale date may be earlier than November 15, 2017. End-of-Support date for these products will be November 15, 2024.

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